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Perfect for private Facebook messages, but amazing overall spying service from mSpy.

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I can also advise that the service works well and I have ranked it part of the best since day one. Unfortunately, Facebook tracking is only compatible with Android at this time, ranking them lower on the list. The price is too damn high! For a yearly subscription, it costs nearly double what other competitors are charging. For that reason, I would only suggest FlexiSpy if you have deep pockets.

They do offer good service, but not enough to sway the middle-class. At this time, there are some limitations to being able to monitor Facebook along with all other social media and third party messaging apps. First, the service can only monitor Facebook messages that are sent privately, but does not always give you visibility on the content of their Facebook wall. This is not much of a problem, as the private messages are usually what is out of reach.

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All trustworthy services offering this feature at this time, can only offer the service on Android and Apple iOS devices. Additionally, Androids must be rooted in order to have visibility over Facebook and iOS devices need to be jailbroken in order to install the app to even get started. You must have access and own the cell phone or tablet to legally install the app.


If you choose to break local laws and still go ahead and spy on someone without consent, be aware of the liabilities and charges you may face. I hope this article has helped you understand Facebook monitoring and spy applications better, all while narrowing down the choices for the best services available for you to reach these goals. Together, as a small community, we can stand stronger and in better control of the technology we hand over to our children. Your email address will not be published.

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Home Sitemap Blog Reviews. Minimum Requirements At this time, there are some limitations to being able to monitor Facebook along with all other social media and third party messaging apps. To install a different Bitdefender product. To install a free security solution.

Monitor Your Child's Facebook | SniperSpy Facebook Logging

To install a security solution from a different provider. I will not use a security solution. Together with e-mail support and LiveAssistance! Our specialists are ready to receive and process the issues and questions you submit, in real time. We invite you to contact our Bitdefender Support Team and kindly ask you to allow approximately 10 minutes for your call to be taken. Ahead of the competition.

Parents - Monitor Your Child's Facebook

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To configure Facebook protection for a specific user account: On any device with Internet access, open a web browser.