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SMS Spy App for iPhone & Android

To use the regular iPhone spy app , your target device needs to be Jailbroken. Of course, this means that some of the features offered by XNSPY will be different for both versions. Technically, you are not really installing the XNSPY app on the target iPhone, you are just configuring the iCloud backup and pairing the iPhone with Xnspy to actually start monitoring. You may have to follow a few extra steps here but trust us when we say they are well worth it.

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Without any further ado, here is a complete step by step instruction on how you can use XNSPY to spy on an iPhone without Jailbreaking it. Grab the target iPhone and follow the steps below:. You will be asked to enter the Apple ID and password in the required fields. Here is how it is done:.

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Remember, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours to monitor the target iPhone. Jailbreaking itself has a lot of negative aspects that can potentially break your device, and on top of that, many spywares applications are scams that may further harm your iPhones. For parents and employers who want to monitor the iPhones of their children and employees alike, spyware apps may just be attractive enough to try jailbreaking their iPhones.

How to Install mSpy Without Physical Access for iPhone [No Jailbreak]

Sandboxing is a feature that Apple puts in their iPhones which lets third-party apps access only a portion of the phone. This is done in order to keep the phone safe and secure, and also helps in minimizing system crashes because the apps cannot access any part of the phone they are not supposed to.

Jailbreaking is the process that does exactly the opposite. It opens up your iPhone so that the spyware you wish to install can access all parts of the iPhone. While that may help you keep a better knowledge of what your children are doing on their phones, it may also render their iPhones useless or put them in even more dangers. Most of these software programs are computer based which is why there is no need to jailbreak the target phone.

There are some well-known softwares like PhoneSherrif that monitor iPhones without jailbreak. If you do not have the capability to use this software, make sure to check back for updates. There are a number of reasons to own this monitoring system. Parents, spouses, or employers can finally gain the knowledge they have been needing about suspicious behavior.

Part 2. Top 5 Spywares for iPhone with Jailbreaking iPhone and iPad

The great thing with this system is all activity is stored on iCloud. This is a great security feature because that means no information is ever stored on a web based panel.

mSpy without Jailbreak Solution | mSpy no Jailbreak

So, all the logs will be sent to the actual computer that the software is installed on. Be assured that the developer will never see any of your private information. The account holder has access to all the content in incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as iMessage. Plus, you can retrieve all photos, notes, contacts, call history, internet usage, and much more.

There is no reason to ever purchase more than one license for PhoneSherriff Investigator.

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Once the account holder installs the software on their computer, they can monitor as many devices as necessary. So, if your child has an iPhone and an iPod, both can be monitored without a problem. At this time, developers have made the PhoneSheriff Investigator available for a 7-day-free trial. There is no credit card required to activate the free trial period. Simply download the trial version to your desktop and start monitoring right away.