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I appreciate your response to my question. You see, I knew the free phone they were sending me wouldn't do what I needed so I contacted the CSR to get a jump on things before I received the phone.

I have since been all over the internet looking for one of those "upgrade phones" to use with Safelink. Some of them are up front and say right on their ad that the phone is not compatible with Safelink.

Android phones campatible with Safelink - Forums - CNET

That's fine, it's the ones that don't say that Thanks for taking the time to try to help. If you don't know no more than "it has to be compatible with Safelink" and you don't know what that means and you can't even communicate effectively with their customer service, searching on the Internet is certainly not the right way for you to buy a phone. So better find a telecom shop with a sales assistant that can help you to buy the right one.

Visiting the shop yourself, so they can set it up for you after you bought it, is the best. Contacting such a shop by phone clearly is second choice, but with some luck might work. Im hoping you found a compatible phone by now but just incase anyone else needs this info Im a Safelink street team agent and thats what alot of my customers end up doing because its not really easy texting on these small Safe link phones!

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Hello, Is there any particular tracphone that I should buy? I just did a google search for safelink compatible phones. I just called them and they told me ANY trac fon can be transferred to safelink. I want a smart fon so I can get the electronic coupons at the store. I'm having a terrible time finding a smart fon that's compatible with safelink.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you know of a smart fon that is affordable and can be used with safelink, please let us know. It is such a pain being poor and sick and old. Why do they have to make it so complicated for us. I called them but those operators could tell me nothing!

All Straight Talk phones are compatible with Safelink I buy one every year. You don't need a sim card either, just have them switch your service to your new phone. I was told any net10 or tracfone phone will work however it is easier with net I purchased an Lg Premier for my dad from tracfone. It DID take some time a week in total!

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Only thing is watch out if they say you first have to purchase an airtime card; they kept telling us that, and then say there was an error. We were charged 5 times for the airtime which was refunded.

Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

Huge Thank you to Jayvee, the kind lady who ended up getting the phone switched over in the end. Had we not spoke to her Idk if we ever would have got this thing working. Nevertheless in the end it CAN be done. The Tracfone packaging did state that it cannot be used by Safelink but after a 48 hr process it actually can.

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It is considered rude and indicates you are shouting your responses. All Tracfone's will work on Safelink.

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